Ways to Deal with Fear in Your Life.

 Are you in a season of fear in your life? 

Do you feel like an Esther going before the king; afraid for your life, but knowing you must walk through this life altering event for you and your family?

What about Daniel? The bible says he was about 80 years old when he went into the lions den. Do you think he felt fear, even for a moment, while in the lions den? Do you think he might have been frustrated that in his later years he had to walk through the worst valley of his life? 

Do you feel like Moses' mother as she put her baby in that basket and set it out on the water? She must have had to dig down really deep, into the deepest depths of her being, to trust God with the life of her baby. 

What about Job? Do you feel everything has been taken away from you? Have you lost your home, job, family and friends? Do you think Job felt fear as he sat mourning silently for seven days?

Sometimes we go through fearful seasons in our life.We have to make the choice to stand strong during those seasons that threaten to tear us apart. 

Ways to Immerse Your Life in Scripture.

I see a common dilemma among Christians. 

When I get together with my friends for coffee and play dates, the conversation almost always will hit on our relationship with God and prayer life. The dilemma being that as moms, we are so busy and we struggle to have the time to spend in God's word. 

I have gotten creative in saturating my life with scripture. You do not have to set out an hour of your time to read the bible. I'm a mom. I know the hectic schedule we have. Let's not get discouraged with our overwhelming schedule, but let's get creative!

How to get your bible reading done.

Check out these creative ways to make sure your life is immersed in God's Word. 

Please go HERE to see my tips. 


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30 Days of Gratitude and Prayer Challenge

Living a grateful life doesn't come easy to me. My first thoughts run to the negative. I have to use self discipline to not let my mouth and thoughts run away with me. I have to recall Philippians 4:8 often as it reminds me what I should and should not be thinking of. 

See, as we complain about traffic, we could be grateful we do not have to walk miles to get to work.

As we complain about our homes not being our dream homes, we should be grateful we have a roof over our heads and shelter from the storms. 

As we complain about our boss at work, we should be thankful we have a job that brings an income to provide for our families. 

The list could go on....

Having a heart and perspective of gratitude in every situation is definitely a challenge at times, however it can bring a peace to our lives. I think God knew this from the very start and that is why He calls us to be thankful in all things. He wants us to have a peace that passes all understanding. 

Christmas Around the World Unit Study Review

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If you have followed me here for any length of time here on my blog, you know we are a homeschool family. I have shared several posts, that were filled with pictures, of some of our adventures: like our Week Walk Field Trip, our Trip to Mexico and The Day We Skipped School. 

We've used several different resources and curriculum's during the past seven years of homeschooling. Unit Studies are one of our favorites. Unit Studies address a themed topic from different angles with the added benefit of being flexible to accommodate different grade levels. Unit Studies afford my family to learn and grow together, yet still at each child's learning level. 

When I came across "Christmas Around the World Unit Study" I immediately looked into it for our family. We have never done a Christmas Unit Study.

5 Tips on How to Raise a Godly Son.

You have a son? I have a son too!

My first born is a girl and I quickly have learned that my daughter and son are complete opposites. For example, my daughter likes clean things, is more quiet, shy at times, and is modest. My son, on the other hand, loves a good dirt pile, keeps cool rocks he finds in his pockets, out going, dramatic and you don't know how many times I've told him to not pee in the front yard where everyone can see him. hahaha

Since they are opposite in most every way, I often times need to use a different approach to guide, discipline and communicate with my son. 

When our sons grow up to be men: God has called them to be godly men, leaders of their home, loving husbands, pure in thought and deed. As moms, how can we help our sons to grow in Christ? How can we raise them to be Godly sons?

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Why Pray For Your Husband?

Your husband. 

He is the most important person in your life, besides God. 

Your best friend. 

Partner in life. 

Father to your kiddos.


You love him and want him to be all who God has called him to be.

As wives we can stand on the authority that God has given us and powerfully pray and intercede for our husbands.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19

Why pray for your husband?

God Has Not Forgotten Your Name

Most parents start early on teaching their kids to write their names. I remember doing exactly that as soon as my kids could hold a crayon. I would lovingly sit beside them and write each letter of their names on a paper and explain every detail of every letter to my children. My kids would trace the letters and eventually would learn to write their names on their own. With excitement, silly dances and lots of hugs we celebrated this event: learning to write your own name. 

Our name is a part of our identity. It's an important part of who we are. 

Have you ever felt like God has forgotten your name?