5 Daily Affirmations of God's Love

Bible verses on God's love for us

We must believe that God loves us perfectly and unconditionally. 

He is love. It's who He is. We can not earn it nor do we deserve it. 

We can either receive it or not receive it. 
We must daily choose to put on God's love. 

God knows everything about us. He created us before we took our first breath as a newborn infant. 

He cares deeply for us. 

And if you're like me, you may struggle to fully grasp that you are worthy, enough, beautiful and loved. 

I'm working on breaking the chains of negative self talk and this is how I'm doing it. 

5 Daily Affirmations of God's Love for Me

5 Books Every Christian Woman Should Read

Books for Christian Women

Some questions will not have answers till we are this side of heaven. And I read books, to get as much insight as I can soak up, till I stand in front of my Heavenly Father. 

I don't come accusing God with loaded questions, but there are some mysteries we will not be enlightened to until we stand before God and all His glory. Then again, I'm sure God's reveal of His mysteries are on His timing, even in Heaven. 

So I read. I'm not blessed with easily memorizing scripture or putting together analogies from the Bible into my real life situations. 

So I read. To glean from others, their words that grab my attention and shed a light on what I might not have understood on my own accord. 

I've been asking my friends, family and Facebook followers what they would suggest a Christian woman add to her book collection. 

Books for christian women

In no particular order, here is the top 5 that was suggested. 

You'll Find Me in the River

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God's grace is sufficient. Bible verses on God's grace.
There's a small river behind my church. To get down to the small swimming area where you can step into the cool water, you have to walk through a rough, dirty section. I forgot my water shoes today. So barefoot I went and my feet did not like it one bit. It hurt the tender bottoms of my naked feet and I was the last one to get over to the swimming area.

But I did make it. I set down my load and leaped right into the river. Deep in the water, I rubbed my hurting feet. Wiping off the dirt, grass, and little pebbles.

Bible Verses for When You Feel Rejected

Feeling rejected can be so hard, and make you feel alone in this world. I am sure more often than not we can admit that we have felt rejected at some point in our lives.  

Your husband has declared he didn't want you anymore?

You got looked over for that promotion?

You didn't get asked to go and do something when everyone else did? 

Feeling like you don't fit in, and so on? 

No matter the reason of being rejected, it can create a lot of hurt and make us feel unlovable. Just one time of being rejected, and it can cause us to create a wall and allow our minds to think we are unlovable and no one will accept us. 

Or you might feel God is leading you to do something, maybe speak out in a group setting, like with the ladies group, but you have such a fear of rejection, you are missing out on using your gift and talents! 

The fear of being rejected can create a weakness in us, and we have to make sure to not get in the mindset of being afraid because we won't fit in, or that people will make fun of us! 

Below you will see a variety of bible verses for when you feel rejected. When we take what is said in the bible on how God feels for us, and place that as our identity, it makes us virtually rejection proof! 

When we use God's word as a shield to the hurtful things people say, it will start to strengthen our emotional and spiritual health.  

We start knowing and believing that the rejection of others has no meaning or power on our true identity! Just trust and know your worth in the word of God, and those fears and feelings of rejection will begin to slip away. 

Speak these verses over your life, and trust and know they are truth, and be set free from the feelings of rejection! 

Encourage your heart in the Lord with these bible verses

5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent

My floors are dusty. We moved to Mexico last year and are just settling into our home. ( **update** We are now back home in Tennessee, but plan on taking regular missions team down to Mexico!) It’s not finished. No counters and cabinets. And no flooring yet, just raw uneven concrete.

The concrete flooring is causing a major problem with dust in the house. We cannot walk barefoot in the house. I can dust everything one day and the very next day everything has a thin layer of dust coating.

The house is a work in progress. Just like us - parents.

Parenting isn’t easy. It’s a beautiful thing, but it is not easy.

Some days my heart overflows with all the love and cuddles of my littles. And yet, on other days, I’m grasping the bathroom sink, looking into the mirror thinking I have no clue what I’m doing.

So I dove deep into God’s word to find these 5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent to help encourage us through the ups and downs of parenting.  

Bible Verses for the Christian Parent

5 Helpful Tips for the Hard Seasons of Life

As I pulled away from the coffee shop after saying goodbye that Sunday afternoon, I began weeping. With tears clouding my eyes, I managed to navigate onto the freeway for the long drive home. Alone. 

I thought of all the people around me driving to their various destinations and wondered if any felt as sad as me, or were they all happy on this sunny summer Sunday? 

My husband and I had been living four hours apart for several months because of his job. His help was necessary at another facility, and while I was proud of his skill-set, it broke my heart for us to be apart. 

I hated saying goodbye on Sundays. I came to dread the end of every weekend because it meant a week of being alone, of worrying about my husband working incredibly long hours, and of dealing with all things happening back home. 

Things were falling apart. My car was having mechanical issues, our shower in the master bedroom was leaking causing the wood to rot, and worst of all, our daughter was struggling terribly with anxiety. 

I decided the best thing to do on that car ride home was to turn on some worship music to lift my spirits; otherwise, I was going to unravel completely. 

God is always with and and He will never leave you

Where Does Joy Come From?

True joy only comes from God. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

I live in Mexico. I announced this last year HERE. We are independent missionaries who moved to Mexico to reach the extended family and the community for Christ. 

We visited a family a couple of hours drive from us recently. It's a beautiful drive through the hills. 

The lack of greenery allows us to see every groove in the hillside which creates a beautiful view for the drive. 

The small property was surrounded by a cactus fence and on the property stood 5 separate buildings of one room dwellings and a single bathroom. 

Chickens greeted us. Dogs treaded underfoot, begging for food. Small bits of trash scattered everywhere. 

We were greeted with a warm smile, sloppy handshake and a brief tour of the grounds before we were lead to the main room. 

A medium size room held the large bed, refrigerator and storage area. We sat on the bed and on plastic chairs.