Random Acts of Kindness: Plus Free Printable

This year"s Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17, 2016.

Doing acts of kindness make us feel good about ourselves. The person on the receiving end of our kindness gets extra love that day. There is just something that makes our hearts lighter knowing we put a smile on someones face - even just for a moment.  

My family has this great list of ideas we do in honor of Random Acts of Kindness day. 

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

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Starla J. 

Is Your Prayer Worshipful?

 When I was in high school, some 19 years ago, I remember my mom regularly watching different televangelists. The channel she faithfully watched would play sermons from different preachers, evangelist, missionaries, and speakers all day long. 

On one particular day I watched a preacher give his sermon. I don't necessarily remember the sermon he shared with the world that day, however I do remember his sales pitch at the end. He was selling his latest book. He wrote a book on prayer. In advertising his latest book he said words I have never forgotten to this day; "You do not know how to pray until you read my book." 

That one sentence confused my teenage self. I didn't understand that statement. What was in his book that was so important that wasn't in the Bible? 

Now as an adult, I'm aggravated and saddened that christian's would make such claims to sell a book. Those false statements may lead people away from the Bible and seeking it's teaching. 

Let me remind you that Jesus gave us a model prayer to use as a guideline for praying in Matthew 6:5-13...

Pray for Your Husband Before He Leaves for Work.

I didn't always pray for my husband. I disappointingly admit this. 

To be honest, I'm not sure why I didn't pray for him. We have been married for 15 years now so I can not use the excuse of being a newly wed or not knowing about such things. 

No matter the pitiful excuses I could possibly drum up to make myself feel better. I failed. 

One of the greatest privileges a wife has is to pray for her husband. 

The good news is that now I am praying for him. And you should be praying for your husband too. 

Lifting up your husband in prayer everyday. Pursing the Holy Spirit to fill you so that you may give to others.

Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

On the heels of New Year's come the New Year's resolutions that we all make. 

Whatever the goals or resolutions: healthier way of eating, weight loss, financial goals, marriage goals and/or spiritual goals they all can be accomplished if we set ourselves up to succeed. 

I prayfully chose a word and a Bible verse to focus on throughout this year. 

Now that a theme word, goal or resolution has been chosen, what's next? How do we make sure we are setting ourselves up to succeed? We do this by having a plan. 

Tips to set yourself up to succeed

Winning at your goals and resolutions.
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Much Love, 

Starla J. 

My Word Theme for 2016

The purpose of a theme word is to help inspire, encourage and motivate me to live intentionally. 

This is my first time to choose a theme word and scripture for my year.

I saw on FB women doing a "name your day" challenge. It is where you look at your day - good and bad - and choose a word to inspire you to get through that day.

I loved the idea and decided to choose one for my 2016. I also decided to pick a bible verse or two to go along with my inspirational word. 

My Top 5 Blog Posts for 2015

Can you believe it? 2015 is gone and 2016 is knocking at our door!

Wow, what a year!

I have enjoyed blogging and sharing my heart with you all here at starlajimenez.com. I have laughed and cried as I shared my walk with God.

Above all that, I really appreciate my readers; for joining me on my blogging adventures. You faithfully read my posts, comment and share. I'm a blessed girl to have such great support in my life.

Thank you - with all my heart - Thank you!

My blog has been featured over at Her Green Room, Mustard Seed Family, For Every Mom, Kaylene Yoder , The Brown Tribe and Day 2 Day Joys. Please take a moment to check out these wonderful bloggers. 

Drum Roll Please.........

6 Ways to Have Less Stress During the Holidays.

The holiday season often brings along with it unwanted stress. 

Christmas parties, holiday shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, children Christmas play practices, extended time with family, limited funds and everything else wrapped around the holidays may cause unwanted stress.

Managing holiday stress. Holidays drive me crazy.