My Daughter's Top 5 Pick for Father Daughter Dates.

Most of us have at least a few great childhood memories. Memories that put a big smile on our face and in our heart. One of mine is when my siblings and I would be out in the yard with my dad tossing a Frisbee to each other and the picnics in the park my mom used to take us to. I love those sweet memories. It didn't matter what our parents financial status was, the house we lived in or the gifts they bought us. Most of us will all agree that it was the time our parents spent with us that mattered the most. The time they spent laughing with us, being silly with us, and the time they spent encouraging us. Every one of those moments made us who we are today. 

Now we've grown up and have kids of our own. My husband and I try to take our kids out on date nights as often as we can, depending on our schedule. If my husband takes our daughter out than I get my baby boy. (Ok fine, He is six years old. Not a baby any longer. Let me dream. LOL ) Then vice versa, if he takes our baby boy out then I get our princess for the evening. 

The Stumbling Block of Busyness

Today, more than ever before, we are overwhelmed with busyness. A to-do list that is so long it is extremely time consuming to accomplish our tasks. 

New technology has come out with faster ways to get things done. In a perfect world, with all our new technology, we should have more time on our hands. However, we fill those extra saved minutes with something more to do. 

Being to busy to do the right thing. Scheduling our days to glorify God.
Derivative of Original Photo by Peggy's Pics. Used with Permission. 

A Filtered Life.

I questioned God and I blamed God. 

My eyes were red, swollen, and burning from painful tears. I cried off and on for days. I was deeply hurt, shaken and brought to my knees. I sought God for answers, help and comfort. But mostly I asked WHY. Why God? Why would You let this happen to me? Am I nothing to You? I asked Him all this plus more. I accused Him of leaving me. Where was my shelter from all the horrific events that had happened to me?  My thoughts were; I try so hard to serve You and I get this in return. 

Help with living the way God wants you to. Letting God filter your life.
Derivative of Original Photo by Peggy's Pics used with permission. 

The Great Exchange.

Do you feel that? The calling for change in your life? The knowing that it is time to take a step closer to God and allow Him to peel those ugly layers off of you? 

Think of the flower bloom that closes up at night.  As it sits in the darkness, it stays shut up tight. It doesn't reveal its true bloomed beauty to anyone. It's not all that impressive as it hides its inner beauty. The beauty that God created it to share with the world. OH, but when the sun shines its amazing light on it, changes start to happen. It slowly starts opening up. It slowly reveals the beautiful layers of silky, delicate petals. At full bloom, the flower is a sight for all to see as it stands firmly, head held high, seeking the light. It allows the light to feed it and nourish it to remain open all day. 

Beauty for Ashes. God wants to take away your sorrow and exchange it with His joy.

11 Tips on Raising a Confident Daughter.

In a culture where society is so harsh on it's women, I believe it important to raise a confident daughter in Christ. 

As I pray for my little princess and for God to help me raise her to know who she is in Christ, beautiful memories come to my mind. Like the day she was born, over 8lbs and a healthy rolly polly baby girl has now turned into a lovely, fun, beautiful daughter. God has blessed me! I can not let shame, fear or guilt get in the way of me encouraging her to be all can be as a child of God. 

How can I help her know who she is in Christ? I did some scripture searching. Here is what I found and will use in daily prayer and verbal encouragement over my sweet daughters' life. 

To read my list go HERE...

More than Blessed, 

Starla J. 

The Greatness of Small Things.

It was a crisp, cool morning. I was sitting on the front porch steps, bible on my lap and a full cup of coffee at my side. I sighed deeply, closed my eyes and began to pray to God to pour over me. 

I yearned for His peace and guidance. 

Be Still. 

Those words came to my mind's eye. I felt as though God was telling me to stop fretting and be still in Him. He wanted me to slow down and be aware of the little things around me. God was showing me the amazing beauty and greatness in the small things that I was taking for granted. His peace filled my heart as I took a deep breath and breathed in the fresh cool air, looked at the grass covered in the morning dew as it sparkled in the sunlight, and listened to the song of the morning birds. 

God uses the small things. What small things can we do to make our lives better?

What Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day.

Happy first day of May!

Mother's Day is soon upon us. 

Are you wondering what to get your mother? 

Husband's, guess what, your kids need your help to honor their mother on this special day. Show them how it's done. This is the woman who gave birth to your precious babies. Honor her. 

My friends on FB and I came up with a list of what moms really want on this special day. 

Mother's Day gift ideas. Honor your mother.