11 Things to do Before Moving Internationally

For the love of adventure, a job change, missionary work or to be closer to family; people make international moves for different reasons. We made an international move not long ago. 

The beautiful country of Mexico is now our permanent residence on this planet. It's gorgeous here with it's hillsides glittered with different colored houses, charming people and culture, old wooden doors and underground streets. 

From housing to learning a new language and everything in between, making an international move will be one of the biggest moves of your life. If not prepared well in advance your exciting adventure will turn into a hot stressful mess. Prepare, embrace and enjoy the process. 

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For The Wife Who Doesn't Feel Sexy {Grace & Truth Link Up Party}

Wives, do you need a little encouragement about your body image? Is it affecting your marriage, kiddos and your soul? This week's featured post is from Aimee @ A Work of Grace. In this post she is encouraging wives who do not feel sexy, offering inspiration to move forward as a daughter of Christ. Click the image below to read her post. 

Now let's get to the Grace & Truth Link Up Party! 

Valentine's Day date night on the cheap!

Grow your marriage with date nights. Date night ideas for married couples.

Date nights! woohoo! I will never turn down a date night with my sweetheart. They come to far and few between for my liking. Add a tight budget to the mix and it makes it even harder. BUT...if we can do it on the cheap, yippee! Date night here we come! With Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to give some suggestions for a Valentine's Date night on the cheap.

Grace & Truth Christian Link Up

Welcome to my blog! This is the first time that my blog is hosting the Grace & Truth Link up! I'm super thrilled and honored to be apart of this. The opportunity to host this platform for writers to share their Christian posts. 

I'm Starla, the gal behind starlajimenez.com. I'm a grateful wife and mom. We homeschool our two kiddos and live in Mexico. How exciting right!?! I love coffee, nature walks and a good book. I'm a part time Virtual Assistant. My heart behind this blog is to encourage, equip and inspire christian women to linger at the feet of Jesus and to become all that God wants us to be. 

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Enjoy the link up, I look forward to reading your posts! 

The ultimate link up party for christian bloggers.

How do We Trust God when Suffering is Long and Hard

"Mrs. Smith, come to the front desk, please." rambled the intercom around her. Slumped over herself, head in hands, stale cup of coffee at her feet. Red, tired eyes. Evidence of the stream of tears that had become her. Quickly she jumps to her feet and hastens to the front desk. Desperate to hear news of her husband. 

Mr. Smith hadn't felt well for months now. A midnight call for an ambulance and now at the hospital. She waits. Praying. Crying out to God to not take her husband and even better yet - to heal him. 

An illness that clashed with medicine left him paralyzed, he just made it to the ER. Just in time. Before the paralyzes took his heart and lungs. 

Her panicked heart cried, "I'm a young wife and mother, Lord! We have a baby! Please help. Heal my husband!"

Her life changed, it had already started, she just didn't realize it at the time. A new life of frequent hospital trips, surgeries, and false hopes. 

Were was God, she wondered? Was He not all powerful? Is He not all loving? Than why! Why would He allow her to bear this load for so long? Where was He? 

Beyond weary. Emotionally empty. Completely done. She had changed. 

If God is all loving why do we suffer? Why does God allow pain?
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My Top 5 Blog Posts for 2016

As I sit here sipping my hot coffee - cream, no sugar - and listening to the kids play outside, I'm reflecting on 2016. 

WOW! So much has happened. 

We sold our home and moved to Mexico. I worked (and I am still working) on my writing and blogging skills. Although I did not add any clients to my VA business, I have learned so much through working with them. 

And that's what life is about. Learning and growing from others. It's not what you can get, but what you can give that matters.

What can you give? Compassion, love, respect, time, gentleness ...

How can I be here for you in 2017? What posts can I write to encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord? What topics do you need to see on my blog in 2017? Leave a comment or PM me. 

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10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Child.

10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Child 

I have a little one that is always asking for things every time we go to the store. It may be for a toy, food or some snack that caught his attention as we walk the isles of the store. 

He also showed a little dislike...ok ok...pitched a huge fit over the thought of not getting a present for his birthday from his father and I. 

Now before I get hate mail, we throw the party and all the family and friends buy him plenty of gifts. We consider our gift to him is the party. He is only six years old and it's a great time to teach him to be grateful for what he has and what he is given.

I also feel a little guilty as the parent that I let it get this far before making an intentional decision to make sure everyone in our family shows gratitude on a regular basis. 

I sat down and made a list on how I could guide my little boy into being more grateful. I also did a little research and attached a bible verse to each point I needed to think about and hopefully recite to my family as we learn to be more grateful.