6 Ways to Say "I Love You" to Your Husband.

 I'm always on the look out for new ways to show my husband that I love and appreciate him. I haven't always been the best at expressing to him the love, respect and appreciation that he deserves as my husband, father of our kids and leader of our family. It was definitely something that I had to learn along the way in our marriage. I now thoroughly enjoy filling his love bucket up and look for different ways to do just that. Not that I've perfected it by any means, but I am so much better at it then when we first got married. If nothing else, I have at least a much better attitude about it than before. 

I'm sharing with you some of my favorite ways to say "I Love You" to my husband  in hopes it may inspire you to find joy in filling up your husband's love bucket. 

How to make your husband feel loved, appreciated and respected. How to respect your Husband.

Teach Your Children How to Pray.

As I tuck my kids in every night, I pray for them. I pray out loud so they can hear me. I hope as they hear my spoken words, that they will grow in their prayer life with God. My deepest desire, as their mom, is that they have a very close and personal relationship with God at an early age and continue that relationship with Him throughout their lives. 

I don't want them to see prayer as an obligation or a chore. I want them to know and understand what prayer really is. I want them to not only enjoy praying to God, but for them to choose talking with God first instead of last. 

Things to teach your kids about prayer. How to pray.
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Failing at the Cover Up.

One of my favorite ways to get exercise in is to walk outdoors. I love the walking trails that are in my local area. There is one trail conveniently close to my home that has gorgeous views. Walkers, runners and bicyclist all enjoy this trail. It has every half mile marked. The kids and I will walk a mile to a mile and a half in then turn around and walk that same distance out. It's beautiful in every season.  
On one particular warm day, as the kids and I were out on this trial, a young lady went jogging past us. She was dressed from head to toe in perfect looking running gear: head band, running shirt, shorts, shoes, and an armband to hold her iPhone. She looked like she had her act together as she jogged past us. However, within seconds of her passing by, this overwhelming smell of perfume engulfed my kids and I. The smell was so strong and lingered longer than we liked. I was confused why this young woman would drench herself in perfume to go out for a run. The perfume overpowered the sweet aroma of the wild flowers and the fresh outdoor air.

Nature trail, big bridge, having the right relationship with God
Beautiful Bridge on the Walking Trail

Just a Moment of Grace

It was a beautiful day. Sun was shining. Kids done with school work. We homeschool. I was getting some of the never ending pile of laundry done. I got to video chat with my husband earlier in the day. Life was good. All was well. Then I got a message from someone who turned my blue skies gray. 

I cried out to God and asked Him for a moment of grace.

What do you do when others cause you pain? Ask God for Grace.

Help with the Chaos in our Lives.

Make Over Your Mornings

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Starla J. 

Simple Budgeting Tool

I remember applying for my first credit card. I was 18 or 19 years old. I was living on my own, had a full time job, a new car and all the expenses associated with all of that. With time, my car needed maintenance done to it, to help keep it running smoothly, which included tires. I didn't have the money for new tires and didn't know, at the time, about used tires so I applied for a credit card to help me pay for the upkeep of my car. In my head, I rationalized getting this piece of plastic. I told myself it was a need. I qualified, bought my tires and was on my way. 

Baby steps for getting out of debt, Family Budget

My Daughter's Top 5 Pick for Father Daughter Dates.

Most of us have at least a few great childhood memories. Memories that put a big smile on our face and in our heart. One of mine is when my siblings and I would be out in the yard with my dad tossing a Frisbee to each other and the picnics in the park my mom used to take us to. I love those sweet memories. It didn't matter what our parents financial status was, the house we lived in or the gifts they bought us. Most of us will all agree that it was the time our parents spent with us that mattered the most. The time they spent laughing with us, being silly with us, and the time they spent encouraging us. Every one of those moments made us who we are today. 

Now we've grown up and have kids of our own. My husband and I try to take our kids out on date nights as often as we can, depending on our schedule. If my husband takes our daughter out than I get my baby boy. (Ok fine, He is six years old. Not a baby any longer. Let me dream. LOL ) Then vice versa, if he takes our baby boy out then I get our princess for the evening.