My goal

I've been praying for an outlet to share my journey as I'm "Pressing In" toward God. He gave me the name for this blog this morning as I was working on the mountain size pile of laundry a family of 4 can create. I pray God will use me as a vessel to bless, encourage, inspire, and motivate other women in their walk with God. All for His glory. Thank you for joining me in my journey to be the wife and mommy God wants me to be. 

Starla J. 


  1. Hi Starla! I love your background and your title! (My husband and I are also involved in ministry too). I've come to visit your page from our blogging bunch and I think your blog looks great!

  2. I remember the moment I was about to start my Philosophy classes at college that I asked God to protect my faith. I asked to see him in my studies and he has been faithful to my request. I went through the classes with greater faith and God appeared in my semester project for Sociology. I wrote a paper that turned out to be a testimonial to him. And then, today at commencement, the keynote speaker referenced God. I felt God smiling on my education as a way to get to know him more deeply. God bless you and your "blog ministry." =)

    1. Thank you, Meredith. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on more than one post!


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