Rag dolls

My kids, well my daughter, has been asking for me to make her a doll. It's not like she doesn't have several store bought dolls already but she loved the idea of a homemade doll.
So, with all the time I now have, I made both my daughter and son a rag doll. I found a free pattern with instructions HERE. Make it-Love it.com was so generous to offer the pattern with instructions on her website!! Go check it out! It took me several hours to make just one. So Saturday I made my daughter's doll and Sunday I made my son's doll. We were suffering from bad allergies and were home all weekend anyway.
 What do you think?

I used a pair of my husband's old ACU pants for the boy doll. I did make a tutu for my daughter's doll that is not pictured. I used scrap fabric for everything else. I see my mistakes but the kids love them and that's all that matters. I hope you decide to make some dolls for your kids!


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