My Favorite Frugal Tips

I am all about learning new ways to save money and make that dollar stretch! Especially in today's economy, being frugal helps! No matter what your income, low or high, learning to be wise with your finances and resources is a must!

Here is a list some friends and I put together.....

1. Wash clothes in cold water unless really dirty. 

2. Unplug the machines that are not in use. 

3. Make your own cleaning solutions. 

4. Make your own laundry detergent. 

5. With your income tax return consider paying for your years worth of utilities. That way if something happens to your income your bills are already paid for. 

6. Close your curtains and shades during the day to help keep the heat out during the summer. 

7. Cook at home instead of eating out at restaurants. 

8. Reuse items before throwing them away. 

9. Research before going shopping. Find the best deals!

10. Go to thrift stores and yard sales for clothes, shoes, home decor and more.

11. Check out on their free section for items people are giving away. They also have a barter section if you have something to trade. 

12. Bring your lunch to work instead of buying it. 

13. Visit the library. Borrow books instead of buying them. Plus they offer free programs for kids!

14. Drink water! Save money and watch your waistline. 

15. Stop using credit cards. Save up to purchase things with cash. 

16. Do it yourself. Do not hire someone to do something you can do yourself. Example: cut your grass, clean your pool, clean your house, change your oil, etc

17. Get a smaller car. Save on gas. Carpool. Take the bus. 

18. Hang your clothes outside to dry instead of running your dryer. 

19. Make gifts instead of purchasing expensive items. 

20. Barter for services. Your yard boy, cleaning lady or hair stylist may not mind trading services with you. It could be a win win for both parties. It doesn't hurt to ask. 

21. Start couponing.

22. Start a babysitting service with other couples. Everyone wants a date night out with their sweetheart, right? You babysit their kids for free one night a month in exchange for them babysitting your kids one night a month for free. 

23. Find fun free activities for the family to do on weekends. Go to the park, fly a kite, go for a bike ride, go on a nature walk, have a bonfire and roast marshmallows, etc.

24. Look into refinancing your home. Save money with a cheaper interest rate. 

25. Stop smoking. Save money and your health. 

26. Make your coffee at home instead of buying from a coffee place. 

27. Cut out cable. There is plenty to watch for free online or pop a movie in the DVD player. 

28. Plan your menu and write a grocery list before you go grocery shopping. Only buy what is on the list. 

29. Lower/raise your thermostat. Lower during the winter to 65 and raise it to 80 during the summer. 

30. Eat what is in your pantry. Don't buy more food if you have food in your home already. 

What is your favorite from this list? What is one your dread? Do you have any to add?

Please share with your friends and family. Follow me by email! Thank you for being here. 
Starla J. 


  1. Such a great article, Starla! All great tips. Love the one about using your tax refund for utilities!

    1. That was one of my favorites. I haven't heard of that before a friend suggested it.

  2. I love frugal tips! Never heard the income tax return one before...interesting!


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