Setting Yourself Up to Succeed

On the heels of New Year's come the New Year's resolutions that we all make. We must set ourselves up to succeed.

Whatever the goals or resolutions: healthier way of eating, weight loss, financial goals, marriage goals and/or spiritual goals they all can be accomplished if we set ourselves up to succeed. 

I prayfully chose a word and a Bible verse to focus on throughout this year. 

Now that a theme word, goal or resolution has been chosen, what's next? How do we make sure we are setting ourselves up to succeed? We do this by having a plan. 

Tips to set yourself up to succeed

Winning at your goals and resolutions.
Click HERE to read my tips to succeed! 

Much Love, 

Starla J. 


  1. Great tips! I so agree about starting with prayer - that makes everything better. Also planning -- that is so important. - Trish

  2. me too - it's all gotta start with seeking God and His wisdom in prayer

  3. This is a good tip. I have to remove temptations to set myself up for success!

  4. What great tips!


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