The Pretty Blogging Planner: Freebie

My blogging planner is great for all bloggers and can even be used by moms needing a monthly and weekly calendar. 

Have you ever had a great idea for a blog post, made a mental note to write it down only for it to disappear in your mind nowhere to be found? 

That's me. So many mental notes, more than I'd like to admit, have been lost on a mental notepad. hahahah

For me to ever remember my "to-do" list or that awesome blog topic - I MUST write it done. And to be successful at organizing these ideas and plans I needed more than sticky notes through out my house. I know I'm not alone in this dilemma.

I needed a planner. More specifically a blog planner.  And if was a pretty one that would be even better! 

Free blogging planner

If you are looking for a pretty planner that inspires you to get your blogging organized - then this is the planner for you. 

If you a wife, mom and/or a gal that likes planners with pretty colors and fonts; you can use this too. The monthly and weekly calendars are great! 

 Are you are a newbie blogger or a seasoned blogger? You will find this planner very useful. And who can beat the price!?! 

I give this planner to you FREE, just because I love my readers so much! 

Here is what the FREE pretty blogging planner includes:

*36 pages (it is perpetual so you can use it year after year)
*Cover page
*Monthly pages
*Weekly pages
*Post Planner page
*Income and Expense page
*Affiliate Tracker page
*Sponsored Posts page
*Monthly Stats page
*Password and Login page
*Blog Ideas page
*Series Ideas page
*Favorite Link-Ups page
*Social Shares page
*Contact and Connections page
*Yearly Planning Goals page
*By the Week Planning Goals page
*Guest Posts and Features page
*Product Ideas page
*Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts, and Giveaways page
*Inspiration and Motivation page
*To-Do Before Publishing page
*To-Do After Publishing page

If you've had a chance to use my planner, please send me a message and let me know how it is working for you.  


Starla Jimenez


  1. This is such a beautiful planner. You thought of everything & a few more!A great tool for bloggers, meal planning, family budget tracking, family schedules, you name it. Something in these 36 pages will fit your needs. And it's pretty! So, that a plus! :) Thank you, Starla!

  2. Oh I want this! What a great planner. I definitely need a new one.

  3. Thanks for creating this! I signed up to receive your free blog planner. :)

  4. So pretty! You've thought of everything!

  5. This is just what I needed! Plus, it's pretty! Thank you very, very, much!

  6. Fabulous Starla!! So beautiful . Well done and super thanks!

  7. Just subscribed to your newsletter and wow! I love your planner! Great graphics and design. Thanks for sharing it for free. :-)

  8. wow and thank you! it's absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to get it printed out and bound.

  9. It is VERY pretty - now if I would remember to write in one

  10. Such a gorgeous planner. Thank you for sharing

  11. I love my planner. I can't believe this one is so beautiful and free! Good job, Starla.

  12. Love ur planner. Now can u explain how to use it. After reading over it, I am totally confused. Some of the stuff u have listed is greek to me. I would love for u to explain what everything is n what it's used for n why we would need it. I no I'm asking alot, but I've been researching a blog n monetizing it for awhile. I want to make sure I no n have everything I need before I jump into n get frustrated.

  13. I love planners (I have one) - problem is that I never always remember to use it!

  14. Thank you so much. What a wonderful planner! I was actually just looking for one that would work and this looks perfect. I am very excited to read other posts on your blog as well. Thanks again!

  15. Awesome! Thank you so very much for this gorgeous planner!

  16. A beautiful and perfect planner, thank you so much!!

  17. I just downloaded the planner and it is beautiful! I am sure I am going to use it. Thank you for making it available.


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