5 Ways to Pursue Your Husband

This coming July marks the 16th wedding anniversary for my husband and I. Boy oh boy, have I learned so much and have come so far in my marriage. Thank God for His grace, mercy, and guidance. What a blessing I have been given. 

One lesson I've learned is the importance of pursuing each other.  I believe this one thing can make or break a marriage. 

I know for me, when my husband takes the time to fill up my love bucket, shows appreciation and makes an effort; I feel closer to him, cherished and loved. 

Husbands need to feel respected and loved. 

Pursue your man, ladies!

As christian wives, God calls us to pursue our spouse whether they return the pursuit or not. Of course, marriage as a whole functions so much better when both spouses submit to God and honor their spouse, but reality is - sometimes you have to fight for your marriage. 

5 Ways To Pursue Your Husband

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Much Love, 

Starla J 

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  1. BEST thing - pray for the husbands!

  2. Great post! I will be likely sharing this next week for the True Agape followers! Thank you!

  3. Good reminder to keep pursuing him! Thanks for the encouragement!


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