Celebrating Mom’s Birthday in Heaven

Celebrating Mom’s Birthday in Heaven

September is a special month in my heart, and not just because of college football and pumpkin flavored everything. My Mom was born in September. Her life makes me want to celebrate!

It has been 14 years since Mom went to be with Jesus, but her presence lingers around her family and friends now. For many years, I mourned the loss of my mother and my girls’ grandmother. 

Sometimes the pain is still so real and piercing, but it has lessened over the years. I am at the point where I am grateful that I had the best Mom for 23 years. I can now smile at memories. 

Mom’s birthday used to be a sad affair until someone pointed out that it didn’t have to be. We can celebrate her life! 

My girls are 8 and 10 years old and love to hear stories about their Mimi. They never got to meet her here on earth but one day they will. In the meantime, there is cake. They have always had sad moments when they think of her, but preparing for a birthday party pulls them out of it. Their excitement makes the day easier for me.

Mom always loved “store boughten” cake when she was growing up, since it was reserved for birthdays. So every year, we pick out a cake. We sing Happy Birthday and have a party. I tell the girls stories and they make her birthday cards. We tie the cards onto balloons and send them up to heaven. It is the sweetest sight to see them fly up, up, and away. Some years I even convince myself the cards will reach heaven.

Life is so short and can be full of negative if we allow it. Celebrating an amazing life is always a great way to bring light into our lives. 

When I began to see Mom’s death differently, I could see her life more clearly. I was able to realize how fortunate I am for having had her.

One day, Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes and all will be clear. We may not understand why things happen, but we don’t have to. And we don’t have to grieve continuously. I think the world tells us to stay in mourning, but God wants us live! 

Psalm 30:5 says, “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

If you are grieving and aren’t yet in a place where you feel like celebrating, take heart. There is no time table on grief. I wasn’t able to start this for a full decade, but once I did, I couldn’t imagine life without these parties. They help heal my heart and strengthen my soul. Grief doesn’t go away over night, but we have to start somewhere. 

I suggest starting with cake. Cake is always a good idea!

How do you celebrate you mom's birthday in heaven?

Sarah Donegan is a wife, mom, and lover of Jesus. She grew up a tea drinker but switched to coffee once kids came along. Now that her girls are in school, she is embracing the plans God has for her instead of trying to force her own that just don’t fit right. When she isn’t singing or reading, she is probably writing. You can find her at her Blog and Facebook.


  1. What a great idea, Sarah. I lost my mom two years ago and I loved her so very much. Some of her grandkids called her Mimi but my kids were the first grandkids and she chose the name Grammy. So that is what my kids called her. But one of her later grandchildren couldn't say Grammy as a toddler and it came out Mimi and that stuck. Anyway, happy birthday to your sweet mom in heaven. Blessings, Amy

  2. just lost my mom two months ago - still hard

  3. Can't believe that it's already been three and-a-half months since my mom's passing - still raw....

  4. That is beautiful, Sarah. What a wonderful idea!

  5. This is beautiful! It is wounderful how God takes care of a grieving heart and helps us find ways to remember the good.

  6. This is such a sweet post. My mom's birthday is in September. She is still with us thankfully, but we couldn't be with her on her birthday this year. We celebrated with cupcakes anyway!

  7. What a sweet post. The birthdays in heaven are so hard, but it's so special to remember


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