Making Discoveries: Trusting in God

Should we talk about the elephant in the room? We could just look around awkwardly, still sipping our hot tea.  Admiring our pretty tea cup or taking in the morning sunlit view.  Ignoring the obvious. Alright, I'll start...let's tackle the elephant.

I have trust issues. There I said it. And sojourner.....I struggled to discover this truth.

"You do not trust me." God whispered to my heart. "Who me? I trust you.", I nonchalantly replied. Then I looked away to take another sip of my warm tea.  

This morning I had that conversation with God while I was on the roof of my tiny apartment in Mexico; about to hang clothes out to dry, but I wanted to finish enjoying my hot tea and the gorgeous hillside view first.

God grabs my attention with His breathtaking creation around me. The treeless mountains and hillside, just on the other side, drew me in with its beauty. Now done with my tea and looking past my clothes that are drying on the line; I gazed longingly at the mountain view.  The words Taste and See that the Lord is Good echoed within me.

Bible verses on Trusting God
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Trusting God. 

  • Is it taught in Children's Church, somewhere between Noah's Ark and Daniel and the Lion's Den?
  • Is it taught in Bible College, with a professional looking paper needing to be turned in on the subject?
  •  Is it part of the pre-marriage counseling that the pastor requires every engaged couple to take? 
 I obviously missed the memo when it comes to trusting in God. Determined, I went downstairs, grabbed my bible and enjoyed some quiet time with God.

Discovery #1 

Enjoying the goodness of God means to trust in Him

Between you, me and the fence post, I secretly enjoy the chore of hanging laundry out to dry. Out on the roof. This quiet time that I get with warm rays of sunshine, gentle breezes, and a beautiful view.  A chance to reflect and enjoy. 

To deeply enjoy the goodness of God, we must learn to trust in Him. Keeping my life in a constant mode of rush and irritation sucks this goodness right out of me. Learning to slow down, focus on Christ and my relationship with this audience of One is. a. must. 

How can I enjoy the One that painted my roof top scenery, if my heart and thoughts are somewhere else? On the next project. The next chore. The next chapter. Rushing ahead of God. 

I do this by slowing down, trusting my schedule and life - the present and future - in God's hands. He has me. He is perfectly capable of handling my life, better than I could ever imagine. 

Discovery #2

Enjoying the goodness of God means having His peace.

His peace is a gift to those who fear Him. Peace isn't a destination, but rather a person. Peace is Jesus himself. Isaiah 9:6

Jesus is the judge; I stand guilty. Jesus is the Savior; I am a sinner. Jesus is the healer; I am weak.

To enjoy the goodness of the Lord, I need peace. Peace to rest and take a moment to look around me with an open heart. The kind of peace that allows my mind and heart to be showered by the thoughts that God has of me and for me. The lasting peace that I can confidently clothe my whole being with. This peace can only come from a result of trusting in Him. 

I can not enjoy Jesus and His peace in my life if I am not trusting Him. 

Discovery #3

Enjoying the goodness of God means fear of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord generally means to respect Him, to be in awe of Him and to submit to Him. If you do a google search of all the Bible verses that read "fear of the Lord", you will find verses that put our heart and mind in check. 

The Fear of the Lord is confidence = Proverbs 14:26
The Fear of the Lord is knowledge = Proverbs 1:7
The Fear of the Lord is wisdom = Psalm 111:10
...and the list goes on. 

For me to be able to "taste and see that the Lord is good"  (Psalm 34:8) in every situation, fiery trial or beautiful moment, I must have a fear of the Lord. 

Perhaps for me to fully grasp "the fear of the Lord", I should get back to who He is. Let's research together...

Colossians 1:16: creator of all things 
Isaiah 40:28: does not grow tired or weary
Deuteronomy 4:24: a consuming fire, jealous God
Psalm 68:19-20: saves us and bears our burdens
1 Corinthians 14:33: a God of peace

Who is God? He is the creator of this universe. He set the foundations of this world in motion. He does not grow faint, but is strong till....forever. He wants us - all of us. He is a jealous God. An all consuming fire. He is our savior from sin and eternal death. He is our refuge and shelter. He carries our burdens. He is peace. 

We must fear Him! And most definitely, we can Trust in Him!

Where is an area in our life that you need to trust in God? Do you have a redemption story of how God came through for you? Please comment below. I want to pray and/or celebrate with you. 


Starla Jimenez


  1. I love this post! I'm going to share it with the ladies in my online bible study.

  2. Love this post. I struggled with trusting Him for so long. I doubted my salvation nonstop; those years were the worst years of my life. My pastor has touched a bit on this subject during the last few services and it has touched my so much. He said this today, "God is always previous, so we can always trust Him." He always knows what is going to happen next, and He is always planning a way to help us! Thank you for writing this with such honesty!

  3. and sometimes it can be easier said than done

  4. I love reading your post and agree I find it touching how he will use what we love to bring us to him and have us spread the word
    codem see us at

  5. i love this post.
    thanks for sharing, i am going to share this with some ladies in my prayer group

  6. Great article! Thanks for putting all the verses in...I'm going to save them and look back over them all!

  7. Terrific post Starla! I am learning to put my full trust in God especially as I go through the process of publishing. I am reminded how I knew nothing of blogging two years ago and He continues to show me the way on this journey. I want to glorify Him in everything. I love these scriptures. I am definitely sharing this post. Have a fantastic week and may God bless you and yours.

  8. I need to trust God with my schedule and agenda, that He really can help me overcome myself!

  9. Great post! I often fail at trusting in God and His plans he has for me and this post has inspired me to work on that!

  10. Some days it is harder than others to remember to trust God

  11. And some days I find it much harder to trust in God than other days


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